Rynne's Harry Potter Stories

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Remember, Rynne owns none of the Harry Potter characters. J.K. Rowling owns all things Sirius, Remus, Regulus, and every other name that you see within these stories that looks even vaguely familiar.

And I, Vixenette, personally recommend Man That You Fear. It's a wonder of a story and my personal favorite.

Love Despite Hate (ONE PART, NC-17)~In the aftermath of a brother's death, Sirius isn't sure what to feel. Remus helps him put things in perspective. COMPLETE, Remus/Sirius

Purple Bubbles (ONE PART, NC-17)~ After a night of getting chased around by Acromantulas and such in the Forbidden Forest, Sirius and Remus get muddy and very annoyed at James. COMPLETE, Remus/Sirius

In the Library (ONE PART, G)~Severus and Regulus meet in the library, and things progress from there. COMPLETE, Severus/Regulus

Lupines (ONE PART, PG)~Towards the end of seventh year, Sirius takes Remus on a walk through the Forbidden Forest, and they talk. COMPLETE, Remus/Sirius

Guilt (ONE PART, PG)~After Harry's visit about what he saw in Snape's Pensieve, Remus comforts Sirius. COMPLETE, Remus/Sirius

Together (ONE PART, PG)~The summer after GoF, Sirius tells Remus about going to Grimmauld Place. COMPLETE, Remus/Sirius

Greasy Git (ONE PART, PG)~After the events of Oct. 31, 1981, Snape thinks. About life-his own and the Marauders'. First of three Snape vignettes. COMPLETE, no pairing

Nothing But A Weapon (ONE PART, G)~Snape sees Harry Potter for the first time and muses on what he will become to the wizarding world. Second of three Snape vignettes. COMPLETE, no pairing

Idiotic Moves (ONE PART, PG)~Snape’s thoughts after Remus Lupin is hired as Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher and Sirius Black escapes from Azkaban. Last of three Snape vignettes. COMPLETE, no pairing

Met My Match (ONE PART, G)~Ron and Hermione play chess, and two rather unexpected things happen. COMPLETE, Ron/Hermione

Tea (ONE PART, G)~"Remus pours the tea." A tale of friendship and comfort in the beginning of the darkness following GoF. COMPLETE, no pairing

Good News (ONE PART, G)~Lily has some good news for James. COMPLETE, James/Lily

Operation Attraction (THREE PARTS, PG)~Watch Sirius try to get Remus to fall in love with him. Features plotting!James, anxious!Sirius, and clueless!Remus. COMPLETE, Remus/Sirius

Beyond Clouded Glasses (ONE PART, PG)~Sirius is bored. After some witty bantering, random actions, and odd musings, Remus helps alleviate that boredom. COMPLETE, Remus/Sirius

One Word, One Look, One Taste, One Touch (ONE PART, NC-17)~"One word, one look, one taste, one touch." That's all Sirius wants. And it's enough to nearly drive him mad. COMPLETE, Remus/Sirius

The Repercussions of Having Bad Hygiene (ONE PART, G)~Sirius and Severus first meet at the tender age of eight...and the results aren't pretty. Now it's up to Regulus, an excitable seven-year-old, to convince a suspicious Severus that not everyone in his family is like Sirius. The Black brothers and Snape as children...aww, aren't they cute? COMPLETE, no pairing

Simple Observations (ONE PART, G)~Sometimes simple observation is all you need. COMPLETE, hints of Remus/Sirius

A Very Sirius Christmas (ONE PART, PG-13)~Sirius gets drunk off firewhisky-laced eggnog and gives Remus and...interesting Christmas present. COMPLETE, Remus/Sirius

Man That You Fear (ONE PART, PG-13)~Remus Lupin's boggart hasn't always been the moon. How do you react when what you fear is what you desperately want? Set during PoA. COMPLETE, Remus/Sirius

Washed Away (ONE PART, G)~Remus is uncertain, and Sirius is not. The London rain washes away colours, but that's not all it washes away, and both Remus and Sirius know where love and hope can be found. COMPLETE, Remus/Sirius

Devil's Delight (ONE PART, PG-13)~Bellatrix worships her Devil. COMPLETE, no pairing

This (ONE PART, NC-17)~Remus is impatient. COMPLETE, Remus/Sirius

*NEWQuintessential Sisterhood (ONE PART, PG)~After the final battle, a twin remembers her sister. WARNING: character death COMPLETE, no pairings