Idiotic Moves
By: Rynne

The werewolf is coming back. The bloody werewolf that nearly killed me is coming back to teach children. Albus, in a monumentally stupid decision, invited a Dark creature to come and teach Defense Against the Dark Arts. Terribly ironic, isnít it?

And Black escaped from Azkaban. That fortress of nightmares, the most secure prison in the history of wizardkind, has been outsmarted by an insane murderous bastard, and no one knows how he did it, not even I. I suspect Lupin would know. Lupin always knew nearly everything regarding Black. They always were too close for comfort. The werewolf and the murderer, best friends. How appropriate.

I know a great deal of Dark magic, probably more than Black ever knew, Death Eater or not, but I know of no spell that could get a man without a wand out of a closely guarded prison surrounded by Dementors, and all without leaving even a trace of his passage. How could Black have known a spell like that when not even I did? Why didnít he escape earlier, if he could? And the question that has tormented me for the past twelve yearsÖhow could I not have known that Black was a Death Eater? Albus doesnít blame me, but I blame myself.

I may not like any of the Potters, but I wouldnít want any of them dead. I owe James Potter a life-debt. Lily never really did anything wrong, aside from her lapse of sanity when she married Potter. And Harry Potter is a child. No child deserves death, no matter what he is like, and that is another reason to hate Black. Nothing but a monster would really want to kill a child.

I certainly donít like the Potter brat, but he means something to the wizarding world, and his death would produce wide-spread panic. Everybody would believe that, with the Boy-Who-Lived gone, the Dark Lord will come back. Logic wonít even enter into peopleís minds if their idol was murdered by a notorious Death Eater. So he must be protected. And Albus chose Remus Lupin to be that protection.

With all due respect, Albus is an idiot. Hiring a Death Eaterís Dark creature best friend to protect the boy who defeated the Dark Lord could not be anything but the act of a stupid or insane man. I expressed my concerns to Albus, of course, but he says he has ďreason to believeĒ that Lupin wouldnít betray us. The man is a werewolf, for crying out loud! It is in his very nature to kill, maim, destroy, betray. And Albus wants someone like this to stop a Death Eater. And someone who is not just a Death Eater, but who is the werewolfís best friend.

I canít forget how Black tried to murder me in sixth year. How he told me to prod the knot on the Whomping Willow and go down the tunnel, knowing full well what I would meet down there. A werewolf, who I finally knew to be Remus Lupin, was waiting for me, teeth bared, snarling, nearly drooling as he obviously thought about killing me or turning me. A monster, a vicious disgusting monster, thatís what both of them were, one figuratively and one literally. Both of them were probably anticipating seeing my throat ripped out, disgusting little beasts that they were. Lucky for me Potter was squeamish and stopped them.

And now Lupinís coming back, to threaten more students, and they arenít even to know heís a werewolf. They canít know enough to protect themselves, because otherwise the School Governors will throw Lupin out. I donít profess to understand how this can be a bad thing.

Lupin is helping Black. I may have no proof for this, but I know he is. Lupin was always helping Black, and I canít imagine that this is any exception. Helping Black gives him a chance to explore his bloodthirsty tendencies, and as a werewolf, Iím sure heíll just jump at the chance. Albus doesnít understand this, of course, but Albus was never at the other end of a snarling werewolf just waiting to bite him.

It doesnít matter if Lupinís calm and almost pleasant in human form. That calm exterior is just hiding the heart of a wolf. Albus may not see it, Minerva may not see it, but itís there. Werewolves canít suppress their urges to kill, maim, destroy. Someone is going to get hurt, and Albus doesnít understand that. He thinks Lupin is a tame werewolf, but I know better.

I shall, of course, continue in trying to persuade Albus that hiring Lupin is a bad idea. I canít let either him or Black hurt the students, any of them. Theyíre just children, and no matter what awful personalities some of them have, no matter how arrogant or nasty or impulsive or clumsy they are, they need to be protected. They donít deserve death or torture, so I shall do my best to keep them from it.