mysid's Harry Potter Stories

Beautiful picture at the left drawn by Akiko. Visit her site here.

Remember, mysid owns none of the Harry Potter characters. J.K. Rowling owns all things Sirius, Remus, Regulus, and every other name that you see within these stories that looks even vaguely familiar.

She does, however, own the original character St. John Wildsmith (Sin), as well as any other OC appearing in these stories.

mysid also writes under the name of JKLB. You can find those stories here.

The Lovers For Tonight Series

Lovers For Tonight (TWO PARTS, R)~Remus and Sirius have secretly become lovers, but they aren’t “in love,” are they? What attracts each to the other? COMPLETE, Remus/Sirius

Go Back to Being Friends (FIVE PARTS, PG-13)~Will Sirius make the right choice, or will he let Remus get away?. COMPLETE, Remus/Sirius

The Scar (ONE PART, PG-13)~In Chapter Four of “Go Back to Being Friends,” Sirius first sees the scars that Remus acquired while Sirius was in Azkaban. One scar in particular catches his attention. This is the story behind that scar. COMPLETE, Remus/Sirius

When Moony Met Sin (FOUR PARTS, R)~After Sirius is sent to Azkaban, Remus tries to find warmth and comfort in the arms of another. COMPLETE, Remus/Sirius

When Sin Met Snuffles (ONE PART, PG-13)~Remus and his pet dog run into Remus’s former lover while in Diagon Alley.. COMPLETE, Remus/Sirius

Other Stories

In the Hogwarts Library (THREE PARTS, PG)~While trying to survive inter-house rivalries, Severus Snape, Peter Pettigrew, and Remus Lupin each have a few moments of quiet introspection. COMPLETE, no pairing

Getting Outed (ONE PART, PG-13)~Draco Malfoy tells Harry a few things about his godfather that Harry might prefer not to know. COMPLETE, SB/? (slash)

The Scent of a Mate (ONE PART, PG-13)~After falling through the veil and while traveling through alternate realities, Sirius discovers one in which Remus is a Muggle. Written for the Veil of Possibilities Challenge. COMPLETE, SB/RL (slash)

Without Moony (ONE PART, PG-13)~After falling through the veil and while traveling through alternate realities, Sirius finds a world with only slight differences from his own world—insignificant differences to most, but of the utmost importance to Sirius. Written for the Veil of Possibilities Challenge. COMPLETE, SB/RL (slash)

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Lies (FOUR PARTS, NC-17)~Sirius trusts Remus implicitly—until he sees photographs of Remus with various suspected Death Eaters. OotP spoilers. COMPLETE, SB/RL and RL/OC (slash)

The Engagement Party (ONE PART, PG)~It’s tough enough being secretly attracted to the man across the room, but even worse when you are accused of flirting with two female guests who are off-limits. PoA spoilers. COMPLETE, SB/RL and JP/LE (slash)

Gaining A Son (TWO PARTS, PG)~How does James’s father feel when his son’s best friend, his homosexual best friend, moves into their home? PoA spoilers. COMPLETE, hints of non-existant slash pairing

Famous Poofs in History (ONE PART, PG-13)~Why is Sirius so unwilling to wear a costume to a classmate’s party? COMPLETE, Remus/Sirius

Paternity (ONE PART, PG-13)~With an uncertain and dangerous future ahead of them, who will dare to become a parent, and what will their motivations be? COMPLETE, Remus/Sirius and James/Lily

Wolfsbane (TWO PARTS, NC-17)~Remus wants to try an experimental new potion; Sirius fears what it may do. COMPLETE, Remus/Sirius

*NEW*~Man's Best Friend (ONE PART, PG)~During fifth year, Sirius wonders which of them is Remus’s best friend. He believes he deserves to be the one, but fears that he is not. COMPLETE, Remus/Sirius

*NEW~The Dating Expert (ONE PART, PG-13)~Sirius goes to Remus for advice on asking someone out and Remus explains that just telling the person outright is the best thing to do. Remus just doesn’t know that the person Sirius is asking about is Remus. COMPLETE, Remus/Sirius